Collar-shaped guard, protecting the most sensitive areas of the neck from chafing and injuries caused by wetsuit use in water sports (swimming, surfing, scuba diving,…).

XS : 25-30cm

S : 30-35cm

L: 35-40cm

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Manufactured with elastic material and vaseline to create a protective layer between the skin and suit. It separates the movement of the neck from the wetsuit, totally reducing the risk of skin injuries. Designed with a flap-shaped extension to extend protection to the wetsuit zip fastening area.

  • Suitable for use with vaseline
  • With a density lower than that of water (it floats), it does not affect the swimmer’s buoyancy
  • Elastic and easy to put on. (Triathlon: In a race, it can be removed as fast as a swimming cap or goggles)
  • Washable and reusable
  • It is sold with a plastic container for storage and transport

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