Ce swimpants va révolutionner votre pratique… ce short va remplacer votre pull buoy grâce à sa conception en néopréne avec panneaux de 5mm et de bande élastique de 1.5mm.

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Our Swimpants are an aide geared to both elite racers and amateur enthusiats who just started swimming training. With SWIM PANTS SP01, the experienced swimmer gets an optimal water position with perfect lift in the hips and thighs without compro- mising on body rotation or leg kicking balance! Our Swimpants are already used a great deal by swimmers who begin their pre-season training indoors to improve their swimming techniques and to build up their stamina. SWIMPANTS SP01 are also an excellent aide to use in sprint competitions in swimrun or swimming training outdoors in warmer waters. 5 mm neoprene on front and back, 1.5 mm in the side for maximum mobility.

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